Landing Fees

Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW) Landing Fee Rate
Personal Aircraft 1,800–3,999 kg No Charge
Commercial Aircraft 1,800–2,999 kg $15.00
Commercial Aircraft 3,000–3,999 kg $25.00
All Aircraft 4,000–4,999 kg $25.00
All Aircraft 5,000–8,999 kg $50.00
All Aircraft 9,000–12,499 kg $100.00
All Aircraft 12,500–19,999 kg $150.00
All Aircraft 20,000–39,999 kg $250.00
All Aircraft 40,000 kg or greater $10/1000 kg
  • No landing fee for Aircraft based at Wiarton Keppel Airport with MTOW below 5,000 kg
  • No landing fee for Military Search & Rescue and Military Training Flights
  • Landing Fee might be waived for Non-Military Search & Rescue (requires management's approval)
  • Aircraft landing fee based on Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) determined by TP-143 or Aircraft Registry

Parking Fees

MTOW (kg) Nightly Fee Monthly Fee
0–2,999 kg $10 $100
3,000–4,999 kg $15 $150
5,000–9,999 kg $40 $250
10,000–19,999 kg $75 $500
20,000–39,999 kg $150 $1,500
40,000 kg or greater $300 $3,000
  • Aircraft with MTOW of 4,000 kg or more are subject to daily Parking Fee after 3 hours
  • Grass tie-downs charged at $50/month for aircraft below 3,000 kg (No winter maintenance)


Medevac/Cargo Aircraft $50/Flight
Enplaning Passenger Fee $8/Passenger
  • An enplaning passenger fee is payable by all commercial aircraft operators.
  • Aircraft Crew is exempt from Enplaning Passenger Fee.


After Hour Airport Operations/Fuel Service $150/first hour + $50/additional hour
After Hour Snow Removal $150/hour per piece of equipment (2 hours minimum)


On Request Snow Removal/Apron Sweeping $150/hour per piece of equipment
Airport Labour $60/hour per staff member
Cargo Loading/Unloading (Forklift and Operator) $100/hour
Hydro $10/24-hour period or portion thereof
Disabled Aircraft Removal/Equipment Rental Time and material
Fuel Spill Time and material
Airside Escort and Vehicle $60/hour per vehicle
Aircraft Tow Fee based on MTOW weight (minimum $15)
Lav Service
$75 per lavatory


Airport Car Parking

Car Parking $20/week, $30/month


Facility Rental

Airport Hangar
As Available
Airport Boardroom



$150/Full Day

Film Production and Special Event Hosting
Contact Airport Manager