Welcome Pilots! Upon entering the Main Terminal building, you will find yourself in the lobby. To your left are the men's and ladies' washrooms; to your right our Eileen Vollick Memorial Wall, and a small seating area. Take the stairs up to the Pilots' Lounge and before you leave, don't forget to sign the registry and pick up some pamphlets about our area!

Pilots Lounge

Tired after a long flight or waiting for the weather to clear? Our Pilots Lounge provides a comfortable space for you to relax, watch a movie, or grab a cup of coffee. Adjacent to the lounge is a private washroom complete with a shower. Thank you to Carol and Brian Porter for donating a new couch to this space!

Get Connected

A courtesy computer is available in the Main Terminal lobby to file flight plans or check the weather. Alternatively, we offer free wi-fi, just ask the front desk for the password.

Fill Up

The Wiarton Keppel International Airport stocks both 100LL and Jet 'A' for your refuelling needs. Our friendly staff is on-hand to fill your tanks and assist you with any other petroleum products (Aeroshell W15W50; Aeroshell W80; Aeroshell W100).